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Youth in Government students host "Jail & Bail" event

The Cook County Community YMCA has developed a “Youth in Government” program. Local students are learning about our democracy and how they can play a role.

The group is holding a fundraiser to help them make a visit to the Minnesota State Capitol next year. The Youth in Government “Jail & Bail” event will be at the Cook County YMCA on Tuesday, November 28 from 5:00 to 6:30 p.m. 

Community members that were jailed: Pat Eliason, Molly Hicken, Jay Arrow Smith-Decoux, Heidi Doo-Kirk, Sue Abrahamson, Tina Krauz, Karen Blackburn, Chad Benesh, Emily Marshall, Nicole Bockovich, Shawna Willis, and Steve Duchein

In this interview, WTIP’s Rhonda Silence talks to one of the students about this interesting upcoming event.