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WTIP's "Bringing Out the Best of Ourselves" nominated for Touchstone Award

Producer Marcia Hyatt recognized at Touchstone Awards
Producer Marcia Hyatt recognized at Touchstone Awards

     The Touchstone Award from the Duluth Superior Area Community Foundation recognizes outstanding work reflecting the foundation’s ideals of generosity, inclusiveness, and civic engagement. WTIP and producer Marcia Hyatt were nominated for the Touchstone Award in the category of inclusivity, for the “Bringing Out the Best of Ourselves” program. “Bringing Out the Best of Ourselves” inspires people to make a difference by being intentional, creative, and joyful. The inclusivity award went to WDSE-TV for “Native Report,” a program that shares stories of Native American communities, providing understanding for viewers about the people and the happenings of those communities.
      More than 350 guests, including donors, nonprofit providers, and local officials, attended the award ceremony at the Duluth Entertainment Convention Center this week. It was the 24th annual presentation of the Touchstone Award.
     You can learn more about the program and Marcia and listen to past episodes here