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WTIP changes format of routine interviews with county commissioners

Cook County, Minnesota
Cook County, Minnesota

For many years, WTIP has done recurring interviews with elected officials following meetings of the Cook County Board of Commissioners.

Changes in technology, namely the live-streaming and recording of board meetings, have allowed for advancement in how WTIP can deliver news to local residents and those interested in what happens during a meeting of the commissioners.

With this in mind, WTIP will strive to report in an objective format what takes place during meetings of the county board. In addition, the community radio station will also feature interviews with the county administrator, department heads at the county and other county staff when relevant.

And while the recurring interview following meetings of the county board will change, there will be interviews with commissioners in conjunction with local news and decisions made by the county board.

WTIP News Director Joe Friedrichs spoke with Board Chair Ginny Storlie about this topic.