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Vicki Biggs-Anderson

Vicki Biggs-Anderson
Vicki Biggs-Anderson

Volunteer since:

All the ways I contribute to WTIP...
I'm the creator and voice behind Magnetic North – a feature that airs on North Shore Morning and North Shore Weekend, and is also archived on our website.

Why I volunteer with WTIP...
The thing I like most about WTIP is it's trustworthy.  The desire to keep the community informed and pulling together comes through loud and clear.  And it's fun.  Truly amazing.

Fun fact...
I love to clean my barn and chicken coop, but despise housecleaning. People assume that because I'm a writer, I'm only happy when writing and that words drop effortlessly like gumballs from my mind to my computer keyboard. In truth, I'll go to just about any lengths to avoid writing. Not quite as much as to avoid vacuuming, but close. In fact, I often vacuum just to put off sitting down and starting to write.