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Public Health & Human Services update - January 24

WTIP's North Shore Morning host, Jane Alexander talks with Cook County Public Health and Human Services Executive Administrative Assistant, Sara Hadley for this month's PHHS update.

Sawtooth Mountain Clinic. WTIP file photo

Sawtooth Mountain Clinic - Topic of the Month-October

North Shore Morning host, Gary Latz talks with Hartley Acero for the Sawtooth Mountain Clinic's October "Topic of the Month".




Health Care Access - Allison Plummer

Health Care is an important topic for nearly every Cook County resident.


Walk like a penguin: Staying safe in a Minnesota winter

We all know someone who's fallen and injured themselves on the ice...maybe it's happened to you, too. Older people are especially vulnerable. Jessica Finlay of the Center on Aging at the U of MN has been studying this problem, and chatted with Dave about how older people feel about and deal with winter. 


Planning some changes in the new year? Expert says make BIG ones to succeed

It's that time of year when many of us plan to eat better, exercise more, lose weight, watch TV less...the list goes on. Prof. Chris Wharton of Arizona State University's College of Health Solutions has a surprising suggestion: Change as many things as you can all at once. Tracy talked with Prof. Wharton about his ideas and why they might just work. A few websites he suggests:


Eating local, eating well--chatting with food writer & cookbook author Beth Dooley

Beth Dooley is a Twin Cities food writer and cookbook author who loves to focus on local food. She joined CJ recently to talk about why eating local and fresh is a good thing for so many reasons. You can read more about Beth and her ideas on food here


Mindfulness as a way to manage stress in today's world

With so many terrible events happening in the world lately, it's a great time to hear from someone who can help us learn to manage our stress. Doug Kennedy is the leader of the Mindfulness in Education Initiative at the Earl E. Bakken Center for Spirituality & Healing at the U of MN. He talked with guest host Rae Lemke about mindfulness, what it is, and how it can help us deal with sadness and stress. 


Walking expert Jay Walljasper on benefits of walking; national summit coming to Minnesota

We've all heard walking is great for us...and good for community and the environment, as well. Jay Walljasper, writer, speaker, and authority on vital communities, chatted with Dave about what walking does for a person both physically and mentally. The National Walking Summit is Sept. 13-15 in  St. Paul.