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Take a First Thursday walk in the woods with WTIP

Lake Superior North Shore
Lake Superior North Shore

It’s July on the North Shore and summer is in full swing. Whether you’re a visitor, weekender, seasonal resident or with us year ‘round…we’re all interested in what’s going on in the woods.

Join WTIP’s Jay Andersen for a special First Thursday Community Conversation as part of our “Summer of Love” member drive.

We’ll take a walk in the woods with a botanist, a birder and a wildlife photographer to discover the phenomenal phenology of July.
Chel Anderson appears each week on WTIP’s North Woods Naturalist series. She’s a botanist, plant ecologist and co-author of “North Shore, a natural History of Minnesota’s Superior Coast.”

Molly Hoffman’s “Field Notes” is a regular feature on WTIP’s North Shore Morning program. The third volume of her popular “Bird Songs of Northern Woods” has just been released.

Paul Sundberg is a widely published wildlife photographer and former manager of Gooseberry Falls State Park.
 “A Walk in the Woods: the phenomenal phenology of July” – on First Thursday Community Conversation. Only on WTIP North Shore Community Radio.