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Superior Canines

Skye the sled dog. Photo by Emily Wick

Will Moore

A series about dogs in Cook County and around the Lake Superior region. Hear stories about mushing, outdoor adventures. heroic dogs, and the humans who love and live with them.

What's On:
Eddy with Deputy Paul Spry

Superior Canines: Sheriff Deputy Paul Spry and K9 Eddy

In 2018, Eddy became the first Deputy K9 at the Cook County Sheriff's Office in twenty years. Since his arrival, he and his handler Deputy Paul Spry have bonded immensely. WTIP's Will Moore learns about Eddy's origins, his skills, and the constant training it takes to be a K9 from Deputy Spry.


Mushing on Bearskin lake

Superior Canines: Kjersa Anderson and Maple of Menogyn

Superior Canines is a new series on WTIP focusing on dogs along the North Shore and their human companions. This month’s feature follows new local Camp Menogyn dog sledder Kjersa Anderson and her Alaskan husky Maple as they enter the world of mushing.


Erin Altemus

Superior Canines: County musher Erin Altemus

Superior Canines is a new series here at WTIP taking a look at some of the incredible dogs who live and work along the North Shore, as well as their human partners. Will Moore brings us this first piece on Cook County musher Erin Altemus and daily life with a kennel of Alaskan Huskie sled dogs.

(photos by Will Moore)