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Subway in Grand Marais set to close Jan. 22

Subway in Grand Marais. Photo by Joe Friedrichs
Subway in Grand Marais. Photo by Joe Friedrichs

There have been rumors in recent months that the Grand Marais Subway is closing. WTIP reached out to owner Rob Svadlenka and learned that the sandwich shop is indeed closing. The last day of operation will be January 22.

Svadlenka, who has operated the Subway for more than 15 years, said the Subway franchise has been for sale for the last two years and although there have been some interested parties, no sale was completed.

Svadlenka leases the building in two-year contracts and as the time to renew came up, he and his wife, Lorrie, decided not to commit to another two years, so the store will be closing.

WTIP asked Svadlenka about his future plans. He said he and Lorrie would be taking some time off and then would be looking for other employment.