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Smoke, no fire at School District 166

School District 166 - Eagle entrance
School District 166 - Eagle entrance

The Grand Marais Fire Department and Cook County Ambulance were paged to School District 166 just after 2 p.m. on Monday, July 16 to respond to a fire alarm at the school. The workers in the building also reported a strong odor of something burning.

Working with school staff, the Grand Marais Fire Department found that the fire was located in a computer server room. The fire department pulled down roof panels to find an electrical component damaged by fire.

WTIP reached Superintendent Bill Crandall who explained that the fire was caused by the contractors installing a section of roof at the school. Crandall said a nail hit a wire and set off a chain reaction, which fried a transformer in the computer server room.

Crandall said fortunately the school server and other electronic equipment was not damaged.

He said the school is very fortunate that only the transformer was destroyed.

He added, “Thanks to the local emergency services folks for their response and assistance.”