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School lock-down rumors unfounded

School District 166 - Eagle entrance
School District 166 - Eagle entrance

Rumors surfaced throughout the community on Friday, November 30 that School District 166 had initiated a "lock-down" on the Grand Marais campus in response to some sort of threat. WTIP reached out to school officials who deny that any sort of lock-down took place, an exercise or actual incident of concern. 

When asked how such a rumor got started, Assistant Principal Mitch Dorr said it could have been because a Cook County Sheriff deputy was at the school on Friday morning, greeting students as they arrived. Assistant Principal Dorr said this is something that happens once in a while, to help children be more comfortable with law enforcement. 

WTIP also contacted School District 166 Superintendent Bill Crandall, who also said there was no incident that caused a lock-down at the Grand Marais school on November 30. He also talked about the procedures for lock-downs, real and practice. 

Here's Rhonda Silence with that interview.