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Phone, internet outages reported in Cook County

On the evening of Tuesday, Jan. 8, internet and phone (including some cell phone) outages occurred across parts of Cook County.  

For more on this outage, including the cause of it, WTIP's Joe Friedrichs spoke with Arrowhead Electric Operations Manager John Twiest during Wednesday morning's Daybreak program.

Twiest said the outage was based on an electrical issue at Arrowhead. To know if any similar event in the future is isolated to specific properties and not widespread as the event was Jan. 8, Twiest said the best thing to do is call the Arrowhead support number. 

That number is (218) 663-9050.
“After hours, this goes to the support team at CTC in Brainerd,” Twiest said. “They can quickly see if it is isolated or if there is an outage on a larger scale.”
However, Twiest acknowledged, if the internet and/or phone at the residence are out, it makes it difficult to have any type of communication.
“If the cell phone works, it would be recommended that they call the support number,” he said, “but if everything is down, we are stuck until we can get it fixed.”
The audio below is the entire interview with Twiest from Jan. 9 on WTIP.