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Northern Gardening: Landscaping with Native Plants

Naturescaping, or Landscaping with Native Plants, has become a big topic in recent years.  Join hosts Joan Farnam and Melinda Spinler as they explore how to use your backyard to retain wildlife and increase native plant habitat. 

They are joined in the studio by Chel Anderson, Plant Ecologist, and Michaela Clingman, Soil & Water Technician.  Dan Schutte from Shoreview Natives in Two Harbors also joins the group via phone. 

If you are living in the Northwoods and would like to enhance your property, this discussion may be helpful to you when thinking about different ways to utilize your property to increase plant diversity, support local wildlife, and balance your property’s use with your family’s needs.

At the beginning of the program, hosts Joan and Melinda discuss a way to find aerial photos of your property.  A link to the service discussed can be found here.

WTIP’s Northern Gardening airs the second Thursday of the month at 7 pm and is rebroadcast the following Saturday at 6 a.m.