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Northern Gardening: Grapes

Northern Gardening hosts Joan Farnam and Diane Booth cover growing grapes in northern climates, and also talk about what really works and what doesn’t work here in January's Northern Gardening.
Guests to the program include Tom Plocher, a grape breeder from Hugo, Minnesota.  Tom was a protege of Elmer Swenson, a well-known grape breeder from Osceola, WI.  Tom uses a number of the Swenson hybrids in his grape breeding and has also had the opportunity to learn from numerous private grape breeders in Denmark, China, Germany, and Russia.  He came to Cook County in 2008 and graciously donated his time and grape cuttings for local folks to trial in our county. 
Also joining the program is Bob LaMettry, a local gardener, who has probably trialed the most different kinds of grapes in our county on the Pike Lake Road. 

WTIP’s Northern Gardening airs the second Thursday of the month at 7 pm and is rebroadcast the following Saturday at 6 am.  Past episodes are archived here.