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Going Green in Cook County

The people who call the North Shore home are often recognized for their creative and innovative thinking and lifestyles. In addition, a strong connection to the environment and the natural world are often associated with the people who reside in the far reaches of northeastern Minnesota.

In this four-part series, WTIP explores how people and local businesses are incorporating their lifestyles or business models in a way that could make for a cleaner, healthier and more sustainable lifestyle for generations to come. From family farms near Lake Superior to staff housing for local businesses that are powered by solar, this series shares a variety of stories from the people who are embracing the notion of going green in Cook County.

Listen to Part 1: Family farms a growing branch of North Shore's green initiatives

Listen to Part 2: Electric vehicles find a home on the Gunflint Trail and Highway 61

Stay tuned for Parts 3 and 4, coming soon.

Going Green in Cook County is funded in part by the Duluth Superior Area Community Foundation.