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WTIP's Annual Report for 2018-19

For 21 years, WTIP has been your source for community focused news, events and entertainment. WTIP Community Radio is a truly one of a kind community station that would not exist, if it were not for our founding members, business underwriters and our wonderful listener members. So thank you for all that you do to help us build community on the North Shore.

We are happy to report that your support has driven creative radio programming for another year. To see what we've been up to, just click on this link to: WTIP's Annual Report for 2018-19. You'll find recaps from the News Department, Board President Molly Hicken, Executive Director Matthew Brown and a music synopsis from Music Director Will Moore. And there are a lot of great photos, a financial shapshot for the year, and other stories that highlight some of the good work being done here at WTIP.

Because we want to save on paper resources and stamps, and make distribution and access more efficient, we've transitioned from a printed report to this digital version. Throughout the report you’ll find clickable links that make it easy to find the content and information that you need. Please enjoy. And thank you again, for making truly local radio possible.