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Winter Lights & The Night Sky

January is the darkest month of the year, providing great opportunities to view the night sky. The latest editions of Northern Sky and North Woods Naturalist - regular features on WTIP - provide a greater understanding of all you can see!

Northern Sky is a regular feature on WTIP, airing bi-weekly on the Monday North Shore Morning program. It comes to us courtesy of Deane Morrison - a science writer at the University of Minnesota. She authors the Minnesota Starwatch column, and shares what's happening with stars, planets and more.

Listen to Northern Sky: January 5-18, 2019

North Woods Naturalist is a weekly feature with Chel Anderson, a botanist and plant ecologist from the Hovland area who keeps close tabs on daily changes happening in the great outdoors. She shares her insights with WTIP listeners every Tuesday during North Shore Morning. In the latest edition, WTIP's CJ Heithoff talks with Chel about what to look for in the sky this month.

Listen to North Woods Naturalist: Winter Lights

(Photo of the moon behind aspen branches, courtesy Gary Siesennop)