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The Roadhouse


  • Friday 5-7pm
Arts & Culture Interviews & Live Music
This program officially starts the weekend along the North Shore and across the North Woods. Hosts Dave TerSteeg, Brian Neil, and Julie Carlson, and producer Ann Possis, provide two hours packed with insightful interviews,  weekend happenings, and toe-tapping music. You never know quite what to expect on the Roadhouse! 
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What's On:

Trying to quit smoking in 2019? Here are some helpful tips

We all know someone who’s vowed to quit smoking in the new year. Quitting is great for your health, yet one side effect can be weight gain.  How can quitters avoid the weight gain? Julie found out on The Roadhouse, talking with Liz Weinandy, a registered dietitian at the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center.


A pod entering the Hyperloop. Photo from SpaceX Hyperloop on Flickr via Creative Commons

Hyperloop transportation may be coming soon - what is it and how does it work?

You may have heard of hyperloop technology—a super fast type of transportation that will move people through vacuum tubes at speeds up to 750 miles per hour.

What does that all mean for energy and the environment? To try and answer these questions, we invited Meredith Rutland Bauer, a freelance reporter specializing in technology and the environment, to The Roadhouse.  


Grand Marais Library

Busy winter ahead for Grand Marais Library

The Grand Marais Public Library has many events planned for this winter, including their Winter Wednesday and Friday Night Reels series.  To help break it all down, library director Steve Harsin stopped by The Roadhouse and chatted with Dave about everything that will be happening at the library.


Tony Haedt and Cindy Sue of Dram Shop Country in Studio A

Dram Shop brings country music to The Roadhouse

Dram Shop stopped by The Roadhouse to perform some country music for us.  The Dram Shop Duo consists of Tony Haedt (lead vocals, rhythm guitar, and harmonica) and Cindy Sue (lead vocals and tambourine).

You can learn more about the group here.




How can we make our new year resolutions last?

2019 is here, and many of us resolve to do various things when the new year comes around.  We wanted to know how to give ourselves the best chance of making our desired changes successfully and permanently.  To do that, we invited Dr. Doug Kennedy on The Roadhouse.  Kennedy is an assistant professor at the Center for Spirituality and Healing at the University of Minnesota

Sam Cook. Duluth News Tribune photo

Retired outdoors writer Sam Cook talks his latest adventures

Outdoors writer Sam Cook retired this year from the Duluth News Tribune after 38 years (though he still contributes a weekly general column). He joined The Roadhouse to talk with Dave about what he has been up to since retiring and, of course, to talk about all things outdoors.


Russell DuFresne and Mark Soderlind

“A Very Petty Christmas" on The Roadhouse

Twin Cities musician Russell DuFresne was in town before the Christmas holiday to present A Very Petty Christmas, featuring the music of Tom Petty, at the Wunderbar in Grand Marais.  He joined The Roadhouse along with a special guest just before their gig to play a few songs and talk about how the show came to be.


Wolf (Jethro Taylor / Flikr)

Tom Gable of the Voyageurs Wolf Project on The Roadhouse

A pack of wolves living near Voyageurs National Park was recently caught on video hunting freshwater fish— something that has not been documented before. Tom Gable is a researcher with the Voyageurs Wolf Project and he stopped by The Roadhouse to tell us more about this phenomenon as well as other happenings with wolves in the park.

You can learn more about the Voyageurs Wolf Project here.


Holiday Season

Lower your holiday stress with these tips

Sometimes the holiday season can feel more stressful than fun.  Barbara Burns Churchill, a Master Certified Executive Coach stopped by The Roadhouse and spoke with Brian about ways we can lower our stress this time of year.


Gichi Bitobig, Grand Marais

Tim Cochrane on his latest book

Are you curious about the early history of Grand Marais?  Have you ever wondered about the Scandinavian fishermen on the North Shore? 

WTIP's CJ Heithoff recently found out more about these topics and more when she sat down with author Tim Cochrane on The Roadhouse to talk about his new book, "Gichi Bitobig, Grand Marais: Early Accounts of the Anishinaabeg and the North Shore Fur Trade".