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The Roadhouse

  • Friday 5-7pm
Arts & Culture Interviews & Live Music
This program officially starts the weekend along the North Shore and across the North Woods. Hosts Dave TerSteeg, Brian Neil, and Julie Carlson, and producer Ann Possis, provide two hours packed with insightful interviews,  weekend happenings, and toe-tapping music. You never know quite what to expect on the Roadhouse! 
Arts, cultural and history features on WTIP are made possible in part by funding from the Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund. Check out other programs and features funded in part with support from the Heritage Fund.


What's On:
Photo courtesy Buck Benson

How you can stay mentally healthy while staying home due to COVID-19

Many of us are staying home or working from home due to the coronavirus. That has a big impact on our mental health. Dr. Tonya Hansel, a psychologist at the Tulane University University School of Social Work, joined Ann to talk about ways to stay healthy during this time.


Jim McGowan in Studio A in July 2019.  Photo by Brian Neil.

Jim McGowan performs on The Roadhouse

Jim McGowan recently joined Dave and Julie on The Roadhouse - for the entire show!


L to R: Philip Rampi, Josh Cleveland, Dustin Smith.  WTIP file photo from 2018.

Josh Cleveland and the Cedar Street Band perform on Roadhouse

Josh Cleveland and the Cedar Street Band returned to WTIP to perform on The Roadhouse this weekend before playing a pair of gigs at the Gunflint Tavern.  Dave and Ann chatted with the group in between tunes to find out what they are up to.

The band is:
Josh Cleveland - lead vocals, guitar
Dustin Smith - guitar, mandolin, vocals
Philip Rampi - double bass and vocals (upright)
Eric Smith - drums (kick, snare, hi-hat)


Clock. Photo by Michos C via Flickr and Creative Commons.

Tips and tricks on sleeping well from an expert

This weekend we "sprung forward", marking the beginning of daylight saving time.  We thought this would be a good time to talk with a sleep expert about what happens to our body's rhythm during the time change and get some other sleep tips.

Dave was joined by Dr. Michael Howell, associate professor of neurology at the University of Minnesota Medical School.


Photo courtesy Bill Hansen

Bill Hansen shares update on Peace Corps service from Uganda

Community member Bill Hansen is currently on month 10 of serving for the Peace Corps in Uganda.  Bill is helping with economic and community development, which includes helping coffee growers and even starting a band.

Ann recently chatted with Bill to find out more.


Wolf at Tucker Lake. Photo by Fran Smith

Blueberries are a big part of wolves' summertime diets

Most of us love wild blueberries, and recently researchers learned that apparently wolves do too. Thomas Gable is the project lead for the Voyageurs Wolf Project and a Ph.D. student at the University of Minnesota.  He joined Dave on The Roadhouse to tell us more about the latest research.               


Jared Munch outside the WTIP studios in June 2019.  File photo.

Jared Munch talks stand-up paddleboard trip to the Arctic

This summer, Jared Munch went on the adventure of a lifetime, stand-up paddleboarding from Duluth to the Arctic Ocean. 

His trip took him through Grand Marais and he took a short break to stop by the WTIP studios in June.  Listen to that interview here.

Recently, we invited Jared back to The Roadhouse to tell us about finishing the trip and what he's up to now.


Mick Caouette.  Photo from

Filmmaker Mick Caouette on his latest documentary

A new film about Labor Secretary Frances Perkins, the first woman cabinet member, will be shown Wednesday, Feb. 12 at 5:20 at the Grand Marais Public Library.

Filmmaker Mick Caouette joined Brian to tell us more about the film.


Photo courtesy Buck Benson

Cold temperatures could make us desire more social contact

Here’s a recent study finding that’s perfect for February…cold temperatures might make us desire more social contact.

One of the researchers, Dr. Adam Fay, an assistant professor of psychology at State University of New York, Oswego joined Brian on The Roadhouse to tell us more about the study.


Cook County forest. Photo by Jaye White

How you can make retirement as smooth and happy as possible

Cook County is a top Minnesota destination for people looking to retire…but is retirement always as rosy as we imagine it will be?

Dr. Kelli Howard, a lecturer at the University of Minnesota College of Education and Human Development, spoke with Julie about ways to make retirement as smooth and happy as possible.