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No injuries in crash near Gunflint Lake

The Cook County Sheriff’s Office has released the details on a two-vehicle crash that occurred on South Gunflint Lake Road on Sunday, February 18.

Just before 10:30 a.m. Sunday, Theodore Clement, 29, of Grove Springs, Missouri, was heading east in a Honda CRV toward the Gunflint Lodge on County Road 50, South Gunflint Lake Road. Clement lost traction and his car began to fishtail.

Another vehicle, a Ford Explorer, driven by Tonia Donahue, 49, of St. Paul, was headed west. Donahue attempted to maneuver around the Honda to avoid an accident, but was not able to do so. The Explorer hit the rear, driver’s side of the Honda CRV, tearing the tire off the vehicle.

The Ford experienced damage to the driver’s side on the front.

Both drivers and the other occupants of the Ford Explorer -- Christopher Donahue, 48, of St. Paul, along with two juvenile females and a yellow Lab -- were shaken, but not injured. They were transported to Gunflint Lodge where Gunflint emergency responders checked them over. No transport by ambulance was needed.

Both vehicles suffered too much damage to drive and were towed.

The Cook County Sheriff’s Office says drugs and alcohol were not a factor in the crash.

Medical responders and firefighters from Gunflint Trail Fire Department Hall 2, along with Cook County Sheriff’s Office responded.