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Mike Raymond

Mike Raymond
Mike Raymond

Volunteer since:
All the ways I contribute to WTIP…
I was part of the original Board of Directors, and the 2nd Board Chair after Peter Igoe.  I helped get us on the air after many years of fundraising, planning, and working through the FCC requirements and engineering logistics.  And, I acted as the first station manager as we launched the station in 1998, and worked through the growing pains of building a young volunteer organization.  Enjoyed working with Bill Burkhardt to grow our involvement with the state AMPERS organization in the early years.  I created and hosted the weekly Jazz Show for many years, and continue to fill in on occasion.
Why I volunteer with WTIP…
The original vision has carried forward and the station shines as the voice of the community, so I feel a strong connection and desire to help out as an ongoing volunteer.
Fun fact…
I’m a music junky and love jazz and alternative music styles, even though I don’t play an instrument, which people always ask me.  This was a primary influence on my original efforts to build the station...good music.  It was fun to build the jazz library from the ground up, which I think is fairly comprehensive.