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Middle School students complete ATV safety training

On October 14, sixth graders at Cook County Middle School participated in their all-terrain vehicle (ATV) Safety Field Day.  Following completion of required online coursework in Emma Spoon’s sixth grade Safety class, students capped off the ATV Safety unit with the driving test. 

This testing is a required portion of the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) ATV Safety certification process. Students must demonstrate competence in identifying key parts of the machine and dashboard and then drive a prepared course that includes driving on the side of a hill, navigating between obstacles, and backing into a parking spot. As they drive, they must show correct hand signals to communicate their actions to those around them.  

This year, School District 166 had nine experts supervising and guiding students through the prepared course that was set up on Cook County Schools’ field space.  These leaders included four DNR Conservation Officers from Cook and Lake counties, one U.S. Forest Service officer, and four DNR-certified ATV Safety volunteer instructors. 

Instructor Emma Spoon said, “It was empowering to see students, especially those who were first-time ATV riders, blossom under the leadership of this team of experts.” 

All students walked away proud of their accomplishments and many are eagerly anticipating receiving their MN DNR ATV Safety certifications so that they can legally and safely operate ATVs on public lands in Minnesota. 

In all, 31 students completed the ATV Safety Field Day training this fall. 

School District 166 training for Middle School students will continue with boat safety, snowmobile safety, and firearms Safety throughout the remainder of the 2019-20 school year.