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LSProject: The story of "the Pond" in downtown Grand Marais

Most local residents know that an area of downtown Grand Marais has a periodic flooding problem. But what may not be well known is the history of that area. Early photos, maps and paintings of Grand Marais show a body of water called "the Pond." Over time the role and appearance of the pond changed - from an idyllic spot for wildflowers and recreation, to a dumping ground - and the pond was eventually filled in to facilitate expansion of the downtown area.

In this edition of the Lake Superior Project, feature producer Martha Marnocha talks with local historian Eugene Glader and the executive director of the Cook County Historical Society, Carrie Johnson, to learn more about the history of "the Pond."

​Click on slideshow above to see more historic photos of "the Pond."

Photos are from the collection of the Cook County Historical Society.