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A look at the Law Enforcement Log, June 25-July 1

Cook County Sheriff's Office - Photo by Rhonda Silence
Cook County Sheriff's Office - Photo by Rhonda Silence

Each week the Cook County Sheriff’s Office provides a brief report of calls made to the Cook County Law Enforcement Center. WTIP requested more information on the following incidents. This report provides more details on calls logged by law enforcement dispatchers from June 25 to July 1.

The Lutsen and Tofte Fire Departments were paged to respond to a structure fire in Lutsen shortly after midnight on June 25. The reporting party said there was a fire on the front balcony. At 12:48 a.m., the party said they believed the fire is out.
The Lutsen Fire department was on scene by 12:54 a.m. and determined that that the fire was out. Tofte Fire crews were cancelled and Lutsen firefighters made sure all hot spots were out. All parties were clear by 1:04 a.m.

A party called to report an elaborate scam on June 25. The reporting party received a phone call from someone who first claimed to be her son-in-law, saying he sounded different because his nose had just been broken in an accident. The phone call continued with the person claiming to be an attorney who said her son-in-law needed $4,500. The reporting party hung up and talked to her son-in-law who was fine and had not been in an accident or injured.
The reporting party wanted others to know about this scam attempt.

There was another fraud call, a social security fraud attempt on June 26.

There was a two-vehicle collision in the parking lot of the First and Second Thrift Store on June 25. The driver of a Pontiac Bonneville backed into a Subaru Outback. According to the report, paint was traded and there were a couple of dents, but no injuries. No citations. Parties exchanged information.  

There was a domestic disturbance call in Grand Portage on June 25. Deputies arrived and parties separated. It was an argument over money.

A semi driver contacted Cook County Law Enforcement on June 25, looking for a place to park his truck overnight. Cook County advised the trucker to pull off on the lot by SuperAmerica, as long as the truck is not left running. Trucker does not have a refrigerator unit, so can park without engine running.

On June 25, a party contacted the Sheriff’s Office to let them know they would be leaving a vehicle parked by Skyport Lodge while on a trip into the Boundary Waters.
The Cook County Highway Department called to report a silver car parked at the county gas pumps for several days. The registered owner was called and a voice mail left asking the party to contact law enforcement.

There was an assault on June 26, involving a minor so no further information is available.

A sheriff deputy responded to a complaint in Grand Marais about comic books. A party had given them to another individual to sell but had not received all of the money promised. Party was advised this is a civil matter.

There was another civil matter in Grand Marais on June 27. A party wanted the Cook County Sheriff’s Office to assist with exchange of property, but were told it needed to first be addressed by the court. A request for assistance with a child visitation matter was also received on June 27, with the party being told that details for custody need to be worked out in court.

On June 27, a party trying to park their pontoon boat ran into the back of another vehicle. There were no injuries, no alcohol involved and both vehicles are driveable. Parties were advised to exchange information and report to insurance company.

There was a property damage call on June 27. A large bus entered a driveway and dislodged a large rock, damaging a culvert. Caller estimates there is $3,000-$5,000 worth of damage to the road. Witnesses recorded the bus company name and number on the bus, which enable the Sheriff’s Office to reach the company. Owner said the driver had poor directions and went down the driveway by mistake. The owner will submit a claim to his insurance company.

There was a call reporting a multi-car crash, with smoke on June 29. Lutsen Fire and First Responders and Cook County Ambulance were paged. The first responders on scene determined that there was no fire; no injuries. It was actually two vehicles, one was jumping another car when the cables themselves started smoking.

On June 29, deputies were asked to assist with a large party camping at the end of Ball Club Road.

At 5:35 p.m. on June 29, a call came in from a bystander, reporting a two car rear-end crash on the Gunflint Trail. Gunflint EMS and Fire Department headed for the scene, with the first responder there at 5:56 reporting no injuries, but tows needed for both vehicles. Responders stayed on scene until 8 p.m. for traffic control.
A citation was issued to one of the motorists in the crash for “duty to drive with due care.”

A caller reported an overdue camper, but after discussion, it became apparent the party was in Voyageur National Park, not in Cook County.

A call came in from Grand Portage/High Falls Park at 12:30 p.m. on June 30 about a missing 15-year-old male. A family was hiking and he became separated. Rescuers were concerned that he had fallen into the river. The boy was found by 1:30 p.m., unharmed. He had taken a different trail than the rest of the family.

At 2:30 p.m. on June 30, a call came in about an overturned red kayak on Lake Superior in the Lutsen area. The Lutsen Fire Department, First Responders and Sheriff Deputies responded. The U.S. Coast Guard was also contacted and when they arrived they retrieved the kayak from the water. It was determined that the kayak belonged to a party from Kansas. It had been washed out into the water from the yard.
All responders were clear from the scene by 4:30 p.m.        
There was a verbal domestic disturbance call at 10 p.m. on June 30. The party cancelled the request for law enforcement assistance. Cook County will follow up at a later date.

On July 1, there was a call reporting a possible gas leak in the Croftville area. Parties were outside of the cabin. The Grand Marais Fire Department and First Responders and North Shore Ambulance were called. The pilot light on the gas stove was out. The Fire Department tested and it was determined it was just the pilot light.
Parties were allowed to go back into the cabin.

There were numerous “suspicious activity” calls during this time period. The North Shore Health emergency room made a suspicious activity call on June 25. A party came in, not seeking medical attention, but declined help. A description was given and deputies found the individual, who assured them he was okay. Deputies encouraged the party to call if he did need help in any way.
Another suspicious activity call came in from the Grand Portage Reservation Tribal Council. It appears to be a fraud situation, but will be on record if there are future problems.
On June 28, there was a suspicious activity call reporting a man apparently living out of his car, parked by East Bay Suites. The Sheriff’s Office spoke with staff at East Bay Suites, who said the man comes every year and does not cause problems.
There was a call of suspicious activity at about 2 a.m. on June 30. A party reported a man walking on the road above the Holiday Station in Grand Marais, yelling. Caller said he appears to be drunk. Another party reported a man yelling in the courthouse parking lot at about 2:30 a.m. The party was located and identified as someone who has a warrant. The party fled from sheriff deputies, but was caught and arrested.
Another caller reported that man was sitting in his pickup near the COMO Oil tanks area on June 30. The Sheriff’s Office will check with COMO to see if they know the man was there on Monday.
A stroller was seen near Great Expectations School in Grand Marais with no one around. Caller thought it was odd.

A black pickup pulling a boat was reported to be driving on the shoulder, speeding up and slowing down on June 28. Vehicle was not found.

A group came in to the law enforcement center on June 28, looking for a person they had been driving to Canada with and had lost contact. The LEC was able to contact Canadian customs and the party was there, waiting for his friends.

A vehicle in the ditch on Devil Track Road was reported on June 28. The person was trying to get it out of the ditch, there were no injuries.

On June 30, a motorist called to report almost going in the ditch because of the heavy dust on County Road 14.

Two “assist other agency” calls were made. The Sheriff’s Office offered assistance to Cook County Human Services on June 25, standing by on a child protection matter.
The Sheriff’s Office contacted the Minnesota State Patrol on June 25 to let them know that a homemade sign had been placed on top of a blue MnDOT sign. The sign said, “Be Relevant.”

There were also a number of animal-related calls. A small to medium black dog was found outside Lake Superior Trading Post on June 26. Deputies picked up the dog and placed him in the pound. The owner was contacted and picked up the dog.
On June 27, Cook County received a second-hand report of a person that had allegedly been bitten by a dog. The sheriff’s office had no further information.
Another dog was found on June 28, a small terrier, white with brown patches. 
There were two calls of dogs in hot vehicles at Lutsen Mountains on June 29. Dogs were fine, owners were on scene.

On June 28, a party called to let the Sheriff’s Office know that their car had broken down and they pushed into the co-op parking lot. They will get someone to work on it as soon as possible.

A sheriff deputy saw two juveniles at Artist Point collecting water in containers. Deputy stopped to see what they were doing. They had caught some crayfish at Pike Lake, and were stopping by Lake Superior to collect some more water for their crayfish bucket. Parents were present.

Just before 11 p.m. on June 28, a party was stopped and warned about going the wrong way on a one way in Grand Marais.

On June 29, a sheriff deputy removed a hazard from Highway 61 by Putt ‘n Pets in Grand Marais. On June 30, there was a tree down on Highway 61 in the Kadunce River area. Party moved as much as they were able. The Highway Department was contacted. Later that day, sheriff deputies removed a tree from the Gunflint Trail just south of Swamper.

As usual there were many lost and found calls to law enforcement. A black, leather, tri-fold wallet was found by Hughie’s Tacos and turned in to Law Enforcement on June 28. The party came in to the Law Enforcement Center shortly after and claimed it.
A woman staying at Naniboujou Lodge reported a missing wallet on June 28 as well.
On June 29, a party left a wallet at Steve’s Sports in Grand Marais. It was turned in to the law enforcement center. The owner came in to pick it up.
Dockside Fish Market called on June 30 to let law enforcement know a wallet had been found there and that they would keep it until the party comes back to claim it.
A brown wallet was found and turned into a local business on July 1. Law Enforcement contacted the person who requested that the wallet be mailed to them.

There were 13 medical calls during this period, including one on June 30 from Lake County, requesting assistance from Cook County for a patient transport because all of their ambulances were out. Cook County transported a patient from Carefree Living to Fairview Hospital in Two Harbors.
On July 1, the Sheriff’s Office assisted in getting an elderly patient home from the hospital.

There were 20 check residence of business calls, including a patrol of the Community Center skate park and new ice warming house on June 30.

There were 42 traffic stops during this time period, resulting in warnings or reprimands. Three stops resulted in citation. On July 1, a special speed enforcement was set up on the Gunflint Trail. Four cars were stopped, all for speeding.

Sheriff deputies also participated in water patrols, aquatic invasive species checks and the Stonegarden joint patrol effort with U.S. Customs and Border Patrol.

Law enforcement dispatchers handled 15 crank or misdialed 9-1-1 calls.

If you need help from Cook County Law Enforcement, dial 9-1-1.
For non-emergency calls, contact the Cook County Sheriff’s Office at 218-387-3030.