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Intermittent phone issues in Grand Portage

Office phone - Photo by Rhonda Silence
Office phone - Photo by Rhonda Silence

The Grand Portage community is experiencing intermittent technical issues with its phone system. Community members make phone calls, but the ability to receive calls is intermittent.
At the Grand Portage Lodge and Casino, limited phone lines are currently working. Please call 800-543-1384 to reach the Lodge, but please be patient.
Lodge and Casino Manager Todd Ford says they expect to have these issues corrected soon. As a backup, guests can direct messages to the lodge through the Grand Portage Lodge and Casino Facebook page with their phone number, and the front desk will call them directly as soon as they are able.=.
For calls to other Grand Portage businesses and organizations, call the main line at the Grand Portage Tribal office – 218-475-2277.