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India's International Village Clinic founder visits North Shore

Rotary Club members Sam Dalal and Dr. Abul Sharah
Rotary Club members Sam Dalal and Dr. Abul Sharah

WTIP was pleased to welcome a man from Bloomington, Minnesota to the radio station at the end of August. Dr. Abul Sharah was on the North Shore visiting friends and he agreed to stop by to talk about the work his nonprofit, International Village Clinic is doing in rural India. 

 In 2017, the International Health Clinic served 60 villages and 28 schools with prevention programs, such as nutritional supplements, education and vaccinations. The clinic provided 412 pregnant woment with prenatal care and offered family planning assistance. 

The International Village Clinic also offered urgent care at its 12-bed hospital. It provides 24/7 service with two ambulances. In 2017, the medical program performed 56 surgeries, delivered 25 babies and treated 68 tuberculosis patients. Over 100 cataract surgeries were also completed. 

There is much more and more work to be done, according to founder Dr. Abul Sharah, who started the clinic in 1996 with minimal resources. He is quick to express appreciation to all who have helped him and he is very proud of his International Rotary Club connections. 

WTIP's Rhonda Silence spoke with Dr. Sharah about his work in rural India and what inspired him to give back.