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An Important Reminder about WTIP's Mission and Core Values

Since going on the air in 1998, our mission is:

  • To provide timely and accurate reports of local and state events, including weather, news and community happenings;
  • To provide a forum open to all residents of the area for the discussion of public issues;
  • To provide music and entertainment for our audience;
  • To provide a diversity of programs designed to educate and inform;
  • To promote the general well-being of the area;
  • To train local residents to use the medium of radio to express their thoughts, feelings and talents.

WTIP's core values and guiding principles begin with honesty and end with you!

WTIP Community Radio's Core Values are:

  • Honesty
  • Inclusiveness
  • Embracing our cultural diversity
  • Welcoming volunteers
  • Honoring the role of collaboration
  • Promoting the well-being of our natural environment on the North Shore
  • Recognizing the voices and perspectives of everyone in our community, particularly young people and elders

Each day we do our best to honor our founding mission and adhere to the core values that make us a unique community media organization.

We are so thankful that you are a part of WTIP and that you help shape the work that we do as a volunteer-driven, community supported radio station.