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Happy 22nd Birthday WTIP!

WTIP went on the air on April 29, 1998! We haven't missed a single day or broadcasting since then.
Volunteer Jaye White put this together with help from our friends the Spruce Roots (Jim Elverhoy, Bill Hansen and Eric, Jessa and Owen Frost), Amanda Hand, Jim McGowan, Mike Reeves and the Socially Distanced Quartet of the North Shore Swing Band featuring Kathy Bolstad (leader & clarinet), Don Grant (trumpet), Dave Coleman (trombone) and Eric Anderson (bass and arranger). Eric specifically arranged a tune for WTIP and the ensemble.

Truly local radio built by community and volunteers!

If you'd like to help us celebrate by giving one dollar for each year, go to "Pledge Now" at and enter a gift of $22. That's a pretty good return on your investment!

Thank you for tuning in!