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Field Notes with Molly Hoffman: Your audio birding adventure!

Enjoy bird watching? Don't miss Field Notes with Molly Hoffman - a locally produced feature that airs regularly on WTIP's North Shore Morning program. Tune in Thursday, Friday, and Saturday mornings, between 9 and 9:30 a.m., for your audio birding adventure!

About Molly Hoffmann and Field Notes:
Molly Hoffman became a birder following a 1970 course in Ornithology at the University of Minnesota, Duluth which was part of a degree in Biology.  Molly created Field Notes to bring a realistic birding experience to a radio audience. By using a single recorder to capture bird sounds along with her voice narrative, Field Notes is able to simulate a guided birding adventure in the woods. 

Field Notes airs every Thursday, Friday and Saturday morning on WTIP (from April through October). Or listen to archived editions of this feature anytime by visiting the Field Notes page on our website.

Molly also produced three CD compilations: Bird Songs of Northern Woods Volumes I, II, and III, to benefit WTIP.  CDs are available for purchase at WTIP (currently Volume I is SOLD OUT). All proceeds directly benefit the station. Or to order your CD, simply stop by the station, or contact us at or 218-387-1070 or 800-473-9847. 

(Nuthatch photo by Gary Siesennop).