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About WTIP's Obituaries

Since WTIP Community Radio went on air in April 1998, the need and demand for WTIP’s services has grown tremendously. Through community support, involvement and feedback, WTIP has continually strengthened our programming, outreach and response to community needs. In response to community requests in 2016, we began offering a place on our website to share obituaries for anyone with ties to our beautiful North Shore.

In December 2020, we partnered with Epilogg. This continues to be a free community service. WTIP Community Radio is working with Epilogg to see that everyone has the opportunity to tell the full life story of their loved one, as rich or as simple as you choose. 

Click here to create an Epilogg. If you have questions or need assistance with crafting an Epilogg, please call 218-387-1070 or email