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Eleanor Waha: the ultimate volunteer

If you live in or visit Cook County, it is likely that you’ve encountered Eleanor Waha somewhere. Eleanor has been volunteering in the community for decades in several places.

She is now a volunteer with the RSVP program, administered by the Senior Corps of Minnesota. The RSVP Program provides an opportunity for volunteers to put their skills, talents, and life experiences into motion for others – and benefit our Minnesota communities in the process. Sharing the skills they have spent years developing, RSVP volunteers like Eleanor put those skills into practice to improve the lives of community members throughout the state.

Eleanor and Nancy Frischmann, coordinator of the RSVP program in Cook County, recently visited with WTIP volunteer Barb Heidemann to share more information on the RSVP program – and a bit of information on Eleanor’s work through the years.

WTIP file photo