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County seeks public input on key issues for health and human services

Cook County, Minnesota
Cook County, Minnesota

Cook County Public Health and Human Services is completing a Community Health Needs Assessment and is giving residents an opportunity over the next month to provide input which will help guide the public health work in Cook County.

 “Your voice matters,” said Alison McIntyre, the director of Cook County Public Health and Human Services. “By completing the Community Health Survey, your response will help shape future programs and healthy living initiatives in Cook County and Grand Portage.”

The Community Health Survey should take about seven minutes to complete and participation and responses are anonymous, unless you choose to provide your contact information. The survey will be available until Dec. 15.
You can find the survey by clicking here:

Paper copies of the survey will be available at Public Health & Human Services located in the courthouse, other locations throughout the county and Grand Portage, or by request.

If you have questions about this survey or the Community Health Assessment, or would like to request a paper copy, contact Cook County Public Health & Human Services at (218) 387-3620.

WTIP’s Joe Friedrichs spoke with McIntyre about the survey. That audio is shared below.