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County opts to support updates at local hockey rink

Ice skates. Photo courtesy of Flickr
Ice skates. Photo courtesy of Flickr

Improved facilities for outdoor hockey and ice skating were key talking points during a meeting of the Cook County Board of Commissioners on Tuesday, Jan. 23.

Cook County Community Center Director Diane Booth presented information about the local outdoor hockey rink during Tuesday’s meeting. Also speaking to the county board were several representatives from the Cook County Amateur Hockey Association. Requests for financial assistance were the focus of their discussion with county board. The financial support will come in the form of a bonding request, as the local hockey association and community center board are requesting approximately $194,000 in bonding revenue to make improvements to the rink.

This request for additional funding comes on top of the previously approved request from the community center for more than $205,000 in bonding revenue for 2018. However, Booth said there are likely grants available to offset some of the costs, which could lower the overall bonding request.

After discussion about the improvements to the hockey rink, the commissioners voted to support the increased spending.
WTIP’s Joe Friedrichs shares this report about funding and potential updates for the local hockey and skating facilities.