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County delays public hearing about ATV use on Gunflint Trail

County logo. WTIP file photo
County logo. WTIP file photo

A public hearing on the proposed changes that could potentially open a large section of the Gunflint Trail to ATV use is being delayed until further notice. 
The meeting was scheduled for 4 p.m. tomorrow on Wednesday, May 8, in the commissioners’ room at the Cook County Courthouse.
According to Tim Nelson, the director of the county’s land services department, the public notice was not published until April 27, so that puts the county short of the 10-days required by the state for public notices.
The public hearing was to focus on the fact the county is considering an option that would open a large section of the Gunflint Trail to ATV use.

As it stands now, the Gunflint is open only in specific sections for motorized ATV use. Under a series of proposed amendments to a county ordinance regarding ATV use on the Trail, the entire road would be open from the start of the Gunflint in Grand Marais to the Mid-Trail area, a distance of approximately 35 miles.

The public hearing will now likely take place sometime in June, though no date has been set, according to Nelson.