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County administrator requests civility during public meetings

Jeff Cadwell
Jeff Cadwell

Many Cook County residents are passionate about local issues that impact them and the place they call home. From trails to taxes, this passion on local issues often carries through in the voices of those who participate in public meetings. 

County Administrator Jeff Cadwell emphasizes this a good concept, and that residents and property owners in Cook County should voice their opinions about local issues. However, during public meetings, there needs to be a level of civility in how messages are delivered and the behavior exhibited by those in attendance, Cadwell told WTIP’s Joe Friedrichs during an interview at the community radio station.

The conversation between Cadwell and Friedrichs took place a week after a meeting at the Cook County Courthouse about a proposed ‘Border-to-Border Touring Route’ across Northern Minnesota. During the meeting, there were questions and comments both in support of, and voicing concern about the proposed route, particularly the section in Cook County. At one point during the meeting, the event took a dramatic turn when a Cook County woman said she was “verbally assaulted” by another local resident who then rode off from the courthouse parking lot on a motorcycle.

During other meetings at the county level, including meetings about increases in local property taxes, county officials have threatened to shut down meetings due to the behavior of people in attendance.

Click the audio below to hear the full interview.