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Workers on Wheels program starts Wednesday

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First Congregational UCC Church of Grand Marais will be wheeling out bicycles for international workers on Wednesday, June 30. Dan Strayer is on the Workers on Wheels committee.
Strayer: There needs to be a situation where some international workers can have a little way to get around town without having to do it on their legs all the time, even though that’s good exercise. So, we talked a little bit about a program, a loan program, as far as bicycles, getting together with a few of the members and working to recondition bicycles. We’re getting ready to put those bicycles out for use on Wednesday and Thursday of this week. So, they’re will be some workers there to have a look at how tall or short they happen to be. We’ve got about 15 bikes, and they’ve all been reconditioned and road-tested.
The bikes range from 10-speed to single-speed models and have been thoroughly reconditioned. Strayer said the WOW committee will even do some minor maintenance if necessary throughout the summer.
Strayer: Some of the bicycles that we reconditioned had new tires put on. All of them, if they’ve got things like 10-speed, rather than just the regular you-pump-it kind of bike, they’ve all been reconditioned and tested out. So, there are 15 of them waiting for them to look at, “OK, I like this one. Yeah, the color red is really good for me.” So, that’s where we’re out.
The bikes will be available for pick-up at the lower level of the Congregational Church Wednesday and Thursday of this week from 2 to 4 pm, and again from 6 to 8 pm. The bike program is on-going, and the WOW committee will continue to accept bikes and donations at the church.