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West End News Nov. 18, 2009


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Polly Erickson, coordinator of the recent blood drive at Zoar church in Tofte, reports that the drive was very successful, once again. The roster was full and there were only two no shows.
Thanks again to Polly for her part in the drive. Setting up the drive is no small thing. Polly does it so well that we don't remember how much it takes for a successful blood drive. The next blood drive will be in the spring sometime.
The lakes are beginning to get their permanent coat of ice. In the recent past there have been skims of ice, which melted as the temperature rose during the day; but now serious icing of the lakes is imminent. Sawbill Lake froze over Monday night, Nov. 16.
This reminds me of an incident that happened on Sawbill Lake some years ago, which turned out well in the end.
Craig Blacklock, the well-known nature photographer, took a picture on Sawbill Lake late in the fall, just a little earlier in November than now. When the film was developed the image was useless because there had been a drop of water on the lens when the picture was taken.
A year later Craig came to Sawbill Lake again to repeat the shot. The picture had to be taken early in the morning, so he camped out overnight. During that night Sawbill Lake froze. The thickness of the ice was too thick to paddle through, but too thin to walk on.
Craig took his picture and by that time figured out a solution to his predicament. He decided to gunwale pump the canoe after a fashion to crack the ice as he went along. This worked, but was very slow. He headed for the shore, and then portaged through the woods to the landing. He was exhausted.
The photo was spectacular, but what an effort for just one picture. I guess that is what makes great photographers great.
Fundraisers have become the norm for non-profits to supplement their income. Between now and Nov. 30, Birch Grove School is raising funds through selling food items. More information can be obtained by stopping by Birch Grove School or calling Tina at 663-0170.
The beautiful weather, with a lot of sun and mild temperatures, clearly belongs to someone else, but we will take it anyway. Enjoy.
This is Frank Hansen at WTIP with the West End News.