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Vicki Biggs-Anderson

Vicki Biggs-Anderson
Vicki Biggs-Anderson

Volunteer since:

All the ways I contribute to WTIP...
I'm the creator and voice behind Magnetic North.

Why I volunteer with WTIP...
The thing I like most about WTIP is it's trustworthy.  The desire to keep the community informed and pulling together comes through loud and clear.  And it's fun.  Truly amazing.

Fun fact...

Vicki lives  on a 100-year-old homestead in Colvill that she and her late husband, Paul moved to from the Twin Cities 23 years ago.  She shares this special place with five cashmere and milk goats,  a dozen-plus laying hens, three talkative geese an assortment of wild and domestic ducks, six angora rabbits, a house cat , a yellow Lab and a rescue retriever/kangaroo and one very spoiled Bourbon Red turkey.  When not feeding, chasing or changing "sheets" for all of the above, Vicki writes, volunteers, knits, wanders the woods, balances rocks and, "when a fit of discipline strikes," dives into her decade of weekly columns for the old News-Herald in search of a book or screenplay or, more like, a sit-com.