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Vick sentenced in District Court

Edwin Vick was sentenced Tuesday in Cook County District Court on one count of first degree felony robbery. Vick, 74, and a Cook County resident, committed the robbery and three assaults at Grand Portage Convenience Store and Casino Oct. 1 of last year. He was sentenced to serve 50 months in prison less 154 days already served.
The Grand Portage Tribal Council entered a Victim Impact Statement which said “It has been nearly eleven months since Mr. Vick walked into our Trading Post Convenience Store and Casino, brandished a weapon, forced a security officer to the floor, and stole in excess of $7,700 from two separate cashiers.”
The statement further pointed out that Grand Portage is a small community and that Vick destroyed their sense of safety and security when he forced and threatened store employees. The employees all asked to be transferred to other areas of the business. “It is obvious that this experience has affected them greatly,” the statement added. 
After sentencing Vick was placed in custody and transported to St. Cloud to undergo evaluation to determine in which state facility he will serve his sentence. His age and the condition of his health will be taken into consideration.