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Susan Maijala

Volunteer since:
I don't remember exactly what year I started volunteering.  Probably around 1994 when I began attending planning meetings, bake sales, dance-a-thons and evenutally on-air broadcasting in 1998. 

All the ways I contribute to WTIP...
I served on the Board of Directors from 1996-2002, Programming Committee from 1998-2002, and have been an on-air host since 1998.  I currently host Thirsty Boots, Small Change, Polka Time, Classic Country, the occasional North Shore Morning and Digest, and volunteer at the Radio Waves Music Festival.

Why I volunteer with WTIP...
Volunteering at WTIP enables me to help provide a service to the community and allows me to share music and entertainment with listeners world wide.

Fun fact...
I traveled the Trans-Siberian Railway from Moscow to Khabarovsk, 5,700 miles!