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Membership with WTIP

Membership with WTIP

Over 1300 listeners actively support WTIP's efforts through membership.  ...

Meet WTIP's Volunteers

Meet WTIP's Volunteers

Volunteers started the radio station and continue to be the driving force behind our programs.  ...

WTIP's Business Sponsors

WTIP's Business Sponsors

Over 100 businesses and organizations actively support WTIP through business sponsorship. When you can, please support these...

Over 100 businesses support WTIP's efforts through business sponsorships. See full list >>
When you can, please support WTIP's business sponsors.

Over 1,300 listeners are active members (they have made a financial donation to WTIP within the past 12 months). By choosing to support WTIP with a financial donation, these members provide essential funding that helps make WTIP’s services possible.

Of our annual active members, approximately 28% are sustaining members, or people who give a monthly gift to WTIP through their bank account or on a credit card. This kind of contribution helps in a number of ways, like planning our monthly and quarterly budgets, cutting down on fees and mailings, and helping to even out our monthly cash flow. 

If monthly giving might work for you, just follow the link below and choose your level of monthly support. 
You can sign on as a sustaining member, or give a one-time gift. It's up to you!

Become a member right here!

Since WTIP’s humble beginning, the total number of regular volunteers has grown from eight to more than 100. Volunteers are the key to WTIP’s continued growth and success, and as a community-powered, community-driven station, WTIP continues to welcome new volunteers both on the air and behind the scenes.
See current volunteers>>   
Become a volunteer >>