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Scenic Route

  • Friday 4-5pm
Local & Regional Music

A showcase of local and regional music.

What's On:

Singleton Street - Live on the Scenic Route

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Twin Cities suburbs-based band Singleton Street plays a mix of bluegrass, old-time gospel, Americana and Celtic music that makes for a rousing good performance. They played a live set on the Scenic Route before their performance at the Arrowhead Center for the Arts' Grand Marais Ole Opry.



Dedric Clark and the Social Animals - Full Live Set on Sidetracks

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Dedric Clark and the Social Animals are a band originally from the Duluth area, now based in Portland, OR.  After recording an album in Nashville, they travelled back through the Northland to conclude the first half of a tour around the US, and made their live WTIP debut on a special edition of Sidetracks with Will Moore.

Find more information about the band at



Barbara Jean is back with "Darker Than Blue"

WhatFor_BarbaraJean_Final.mp312.83 MB

Former WTIP News Director Barbara Jean Meyers has a new record coming out on November 18th entitled "Darker Than Blue". She stops by The Scenic Route to talk about recording the album, inspiration for songs, and the musicians she worked with to make her second album a reality.



Blackfish - the music of James Everest and Joel Pickard

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Blackfish is a unique, experimental musical duo comprised of James Everest and Joel Pickard. They came to Grand Marais with Emily Johnson's dance project Catalyst to perform "The Thank-You Bar", an storytelling dance performance using a variety of media and live music. James and Joel talk about taking the show all over the country and their post-show improv performances as Blackfish. We also hear a taste of several of their other musical projects. 

NOTE: There was a sound error recording this piece. The background static is not caused by your computer's speakers. 



John Mark Nelson brings his talents to Grand Marais

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Twin Cities singer-songwriter John Mark Nelson performed at the Arrowhead Center for the Arts on October 4th. The 20-year-old is already making a splash in the Minnesota music scene with his folk-pop sound. Will Moore spoke with him over the phone on The Scenic Route about his rapid success and his new album "Sings the Moon", as well as the show at the Arrowhead.



Composer prepares to capture John Beargrease race in music

ROBIN_01.mp314.79 MB

California composer Robin Eschner has been awarded a grant to compose a piece of music to accompany the 2016 John Beargrease Sled Dog Race along the North Shore. She's been up in Cook County visiting with mushers and musicians for inspiration. Will Moore spoke with her on The Scenic Route to learn more about her trip north and creative process.


Radio Waves Music Festival, Photo by Stephan Hoglund

Local Music Project: 2013 Radio Waves Music Festival

LMP_2013 Radio Waves Music Festival FINAL.mp313.45 MB
Plans for WTIP’s 2013 Radio Waves Music Festival are underway.  In this edition of the Local Music Project we’ll learn more about the history of the festival, hear sounds from the last year’s event and get a preview of  what to expect for the 2013 Radio Waves Music Festival.



The Local Music Project: The Cook County Ramble, The First Waltz

LMP_Cook County Ramble_FINAL.mp314.45 MB

On a snowy April night, a crowd of about one hundred gathered at the Cascade Lodge and Pub in Lutsen to hear local musicians pay tribute to the late drummer and vocalist for The Band, Levon Helm.