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Scenic Route

  • Friday 4-5pm
Local & Regional Music

A showcase of local and regional music.

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Dharma Hounds cover

Dharma Hounds talk debut album on Scenic Route

Dharma Hounds is a group from the Twin Cities whose sound ranges from "from Americana Psycho-Billy to Northern 'Peat-Bog' Boogie Rock". Guitarist Drew Druckrey and keyboardist John Reinhart explain what that could possibly mean, and more about their self-titled debut album which came out in January. 



Listen to the TIP Jar Minifest archive

Each Friday evening in January, WTIP had 3 artists play a whole hour of music live over the air from remote settings for the TIP Jar Minifest.

You can find more information about the TIP Jar musicians fund at

Those artists were:

1/8 - Michael Monroe, Adam Moe, Gordon Thorne with Jim Elverhoy

1/15 - Joe Paulik, The Sapsuckers, Bug Dope

1/22 - Chris Gillis with Thomas Stamps, John Gruber, Jim McGowan

1-28 - Kenna Rose, Jim and Michele Miller, Bump Blomberg

You can hear all those archived performances here.


"Days Crawl By" cover

Scenic Route: Chris Holm and The Federales become The Looneys

Minnesota folk songwriter Chris Holm has teamed up with Minneapolis honky-tonk country band The Federales along with some other area musicians to comprise the Looneys, a new group born out of playing and writing music remotely during the 2020 pandemic. Holm, along with James Gould and Mark Larsen of the Federales, join Will Moore on the Scenic Route to talk about their new single "Days Crawl By", along with each of their new records from earlier in the year, and some of their great new original Christmas songs.


SonofMel (photo by Will Moore)

Sonofmel calls into the Scenic Route

Hayward, Wisconsin's own Sonofmel returns to the Scenic Route with plenty of stories and philosophies, as well as new music. He talks about what he's been up to in this pandemic year, taking cold dips in icy waters every day, and playing gigs where he can safely. He also talks about a new song he wrote and serendipitously had featured in a video, and the slew of new music and writing he has coming next year. 


Tony Petersen as seen on cover of Ditchbird EP

Ditchbird: Tony Petersen's new project and EP

Tony Petersen is a Minneapolis-based musician originally from Duluth, known for playing with the Social Animals and Boss Mama Colleen Myhre. His latest moniker is Ditchbird - a solo project with new original songs and an EP called Real Enough now available on streaming platforms. He chats with Will Moore about making the record, songwriting, and the pandemic cutting his band's European tour short.


Dance Attic's Christmas card album "At Christmas Time"

Dance Attic release new Christmas EP and Kids' Book

Jimi Cooper and Suzy Ludwig of Dance Attic are back with their second album of 2020, a holiday EP called "At Christmas Time" presented in the most unique of formats, a Christmas card! They have also turned one of their songs into a children's book "Livin' With a Bear". Will Moore chats with them about their new originals and humorous covers of classic holiday songs. 


Cover of "Another Year"

David Lindstrom with "Another Year" on Scenic Route

David Lindstrom is not a person, but a whole musical group led by Matt Nelson in St. Joseph, MN. With a sprawling and atmospheric sound, their new album "Another Year" tells stories and relives memories of places across Minnesota. Will Moore is joined by Nelson, the guitarist, along with bassist Josh Pfohl and percussionist Devin Tomczik to talk about the new record.

More information about David Lindstrom is at Bandcamp.



Cover for "Sunlight Moonlight" single from Since the Sunlight

Ben Brandt talks about new EP "Since the Sunlight"

Ben Brandt grew up in Cook County and played in North Shore bands like Curbside. Now he's a music pastor and musician in the Twin Cities area. He has a new EP coming out in November called "Since the Sunlight". He talks with host Will Moore about the upcoming release and his creative inspirations on The Scenic Route.



Space Monkey Mafia. Photo by Brian Neil.

Space Monkey Mafia and more to have Punk Rock Halloween

Minneapolis ska band Space Monkey Mafia looks forward to their annual Halloween gig every year. In 2020 though, the band along with five other Twin Cities and Pacific Northwest acts, put together a special Halloween livestream called Punk Rock Halloween. Guitarist Blake Foster, bassist Joe Barron, and drummer/event organizer Zach Spicer join Will Moore to talk about it.

This segment originally aired on Sidetracks on 10/30/20.



Sara Softich - Photo by Melanie R. Olson via Facebook

Sara Softich talks about new album on Scenic Route

Sara Softich is an Iron Range-born fiddler, who after years playing on the road and in the Southwest, has found a rekindled music community in Northern Minnesota. She talks about her musical journey and the release of her new album "Heart in the Moonlight".