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Saturday Morning Story

Rose Arrowsmith DeCoux

For many years Rose Arrowsmith DeCoux lived at the end of the Gunflint Trail. She is a professional storyteller and actor and shared her talents with WTIP through  “Saturday Morning Story” telling both original and traditional tales.

Learn more about Rose at her website.

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What's On:

The Boy and the Wind

The Boy and The Wind_20090228.mp319.09 MB

This Norwegian story of a fair trade and adventure is another of my top favorites. When the wind takes the last of his grain, the boy sets off to get it back and returns with much more than he lost.


What The Stars Are Made Of

WhatTheStarsAreMadeOf.mp311.79 MB

Directions to create a story:
Spread a blanket in the yard on a warm Summer day.
Look at the sun in the leaves.
Take a nap with the dog.
Hum "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star"

This story came so easily I was surprised and very grateful. I always picture it happening at the farmhouse where I lived at the time.


Old McDonald's Birthday

Old McDonalds Birthday_21March2009.mp313.46 MB

This story was created with preschoolers and singalongs in mind. I like stories that put a new light on familiar things like nursery rhymes, and farm animals in the kitchen makes me smile.