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Saturday Morning Story

Rose Arrowsmith DeCoux

For many years Rose Arrowsmith DeCoux lived at the end of the Gunflint Trail. She is a professional storyteller and actor and shared her talents with WTIP through  “Saturday Morning Story” telling both original and traditional tales.

Learn more about Rose at her website.

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What's On:

The Tiger, the Brahman & the Jackal

The Tiger, the Brahman & the Jackal_13 Feb 10_take 2.mp316.12 MB

In this folk tale from India, the underdog saves the day.


Clever Manka

Clever Manka_14 Nov 2009.mp39.71 MB

Clever Manka is a Czech/Slovakian tale that immediately made me picture the streets of Prague. The buildings are painted in faded yellows, reds and greens. The roofs are tiled. The streets are laid with cobblestones. Every facade has small statues, faces and symbols. It feels like a place that stories come from.


Why There Are No Tigers In Borneo

Why There Are No Tigers on Borneo_6 Feb 10_.mp313.68 MB

This Indonesian tale pits the might of the tigers of Java against the wits of a little mouse.


The Wishing Fish

The Wishing Fish _24 Jan 2010.mp322.47 MB

I always wanted to tell "The Fisherman & his Wife," but I didn't like the henpecked husband or nagging wife characters. In this version my cousin, Kelsha, and I go for a very memorable canoe trip.


Ada & The Three Spinners

Ada & The Three Spinners_best_30 Jan 2010.mp321.45 MB

Though this starts out a lot like "Rumplestiltskin," this spinning story heads in a very different direction. My adaptation of a classic, but lesser-known Brothers Grimm.


The First Snowflake of Winter

The First Snowflake of Winter_12 Dec 2009.mp316.42 MB

Inspired by a gingerbread house, this original story is meant to feel like an old folktale. It is told in Tomte Kajsa's voice. A tomte is a Swedish house elf--a cousin to the Norwegian nisse. Classic elements of Scandinavian folklore such as the end of the world; the helpful wind; and a land East of the Sun, West of the Moon play a part in the recovery of the first snowflake of winter.


Itsy Bitsy's Big Adventure

Itsy Bitsy's Big Adventure_28 Nov 2009.mp36.41 MB

I created this story for a "June Tune Singalong" while enjoying the early summer weather on a blanket in my yard. Once I was finished making notes and had signed my name with a flourish, spiders started coming out of the grass and onto my blanket! Dozens of them suddenly emerged until I gave them credit, so please note that this story is thanks to their inspiration.


The Clever Boy, The Rich Man & The Fly

The Clever Boy The Rich Man and The Fly_20 Nov 09.mp34.54 MB

In this Vietnamese tale a young boy saves his family from debt by use of a clever riddle and a fly. Listen to the story as told by Rose.


Clever Manka

Clever Manka_14 Nov 2009.mp39.71 MB

Saturday Morning Story with Rose Arrowsmith DeCoux is a regular feature on WTIP's North Shore Weekend program Saturday mornings from 7-10. Listen to Clever Manka.


Frank and Eileen Have a Snow Day

Frank & Eileen have a snow day_ 8 Nov 2009.mp34.45 MB

Inspired by Lake Woebegone, I was happy to have a reason (a mini-Membership Drive) to create this story. Best enjoyed while wearing mukluks and eating steel cut oats.