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Rep. Dill to face kidney transplant surgery

Rep. David Dill, the District 6A DFLer who represents Cook County, among others, is getting ready for a kidney transplant. According to a report on the Politics in Minnesota website, Dill is taking care of all the complicated medical procedures so that he's ready for transplant as soon as possible.

Dill had a gastric bypass 15 months ago and he’s lost 140 pounds. Dill also continues to work through his chronic kidney disease and intends to begin the transplant process sometime next month. According to Politics in Minnesota, he hopes the recovery time will put him back at the Capitol before the close of the legislative session. The last day of the legislative calendar is May 17.

He said preliminary testing indicates that his sister is a very good match. He plans to have the transplant at Hennepin County Medical Center. Dill has been successfully battling diabetes since 1996.