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Moments In Time

The North  Shore is home to a rich history and diverse culture. In Moments in Time, we speak with community members about their memories from different periods of our region's past to help foster an appreciation and understanding of the community in which we find ourselves today.

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What's On:

Moments in Time: Mataafa Storm of 1905

Finalcut_MIT_Mataafa Storm_20121212.mp35.35 MB

When you think of Lake Superior shipwrecks, probably the Edmund Fitzgerald comes to mind. But there was another storm, one that was much more devastating, that took place 70 years earlier. The Mataafa Storm of 1905 touted wind speeds from 70 to 80 miles an hour. It damaged or sunk 29 vessels. In this edition of Moments in Time, producers Matthew Brown and Kelly Schoenfelder tell the story of two of the unlucky vessels, the Madeira and the Mataafa, that were at the heart of the 1905 event.


Moments in Time: The Beaver House

MIT_Beaver_House_Finalcut_20121127.mp34.45 MB

In this edition of WTIP's ongoing historical series, Moments in Time, we hear the story of The Beaver House, a mom and pop bait and tackle shop that's been a fixture on the corner of Broadway and Wisconsin Street in downtown Grand Marais since the 1960's.  Produced by Carah Thomas.



Moments in Time: Schroeder's logging legacy

MIT_Schroeder_20121015.mp33.82 MB

At the turn of the 20th century, northeastern Minnesota was teeming with lumberjacks, drawn by virgin forests of pine, fir, spruce, birch, aspen, and cedar.  The town of Schroeder, on the West End of Cook County, traces its heritage and its name to this era in North Shore history.  Produced by Carah Thomas.

Lumberjack photo via Wikimedia Commons (photo in public domain).


Moments in Time: The Ghost of Bucko Bushman

MIT_BuckoBushman_20120922.mp34.31 MB

The past is never that far away. Everything that has happened in this tiny corner of the world is present today. In this edition of Moments in Time, Rick Anderson shares a story that cuts to the heart of how the people who came before us live on in memory and in spirit.


Moments in Time: Slower Times

Finalcut_SlowerTimes_MIT_20120818.mp35.42 MB

Grand Marais has always been a small town, but for many who grew up in the community, it feels much bigger and busier than it did in the past. Buck Benson and Rick Anderson were both brought up in the community. They still reside here today. Rick owns Sweetgrass Cove, a small inn and retreat in Grand Portage, and Buck owns the Hardware Hank in Grand Marais. They explain the slower times of Cook County life in this edition of Moments in Time.


Moments in Time: Winter Ice

Finalcut_MIT_AFenstad_WinterIce_20120720.mp35.97 MB

Art Fenstad is a descendant of a North Shore fishing family. A lot has changed since Art's ancestors immigrated here in the late 1800s. One thing that's very different these days is the weather here on the shore. Art's family kept detailed records, and winter here used to be much more severe.


Moments in Time: The mining boom in Silver Bay

Finalcut_HS_SilverBay_20120628.mp38.49 MB

Art Fenstad is a descendent of one of Cook County’s early fishing families, but Art didn’t grow up fishing—at least not in the way his ancestors did. Commercial fishing on Lake Superior dropped off rapidly after the invasion of invasive species, particularly the sea lamprey. The economy along the shore changed forever. But as fishing was dying out, a new industry was emerging and a new economy was taking shape.


Moments in Time: Gladys & Anna

MIT_Gladys_Anna_finalcut2_20120523.mp34.89 MB

Anna Speck and Gladys Dockan are sisters; Everson sisters. They grew up on a farm on Maple Hill just outside of Grand Marais, where music was a part of everyday life. In this edition of Moments in Time, they share their memories of a special bus trip during World War II.  Produced by Carah Thomas.



Moments In Time: Early Tourism

Finalcut_MIT_ArtFenstad_20120601.mp35.49 MB

Art Fenstad is a third generation North Shore resident. His kind eyes and gentle manner add warmth to his stories. He has a lot of knowledge of the North Shore—his family began fishing Lake Superior after emigrating from Scandinavia. They settled in Little Marais. But Art’s family didn’t rely solely on commercial fishing to survive. Like many fishing families on the shore they helped establish the lodging and tourism industry. 


Moments in Time: Split Rock Lighthouse

MIT_Split_Rock_Lighthouse.mp34.07 MB

Split Rock Lighthouse, on the North Shore of Lake Superior, celebrated 100 years in 2010.  A year later, the lighthouse was designated a National Historic Landmark by the U.S. Secretary of the Interior.  In this edition of Moments in Time, Historic Site manager Lee Radzak talks about the lighthouse and its history.  Produced by Carah Thomas.