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Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund

Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund
Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund


In the 2008 election, Minnesota passed the Clean Water, Land and Legacy Amendment. The purpose of the amendment is to take three-eights of one percent of general sales tax until 2034, and distribute the funds to distinctly Minnesotan programs. The official breakdown is that 33% of the funds goes toward programs to "restore, protect, and enhance wetlands, prairies, forests, and habitat for fish, game and wildlife." Another 33% supports clean water programs, and 14.25% is for the parks and trail fund. The other 19.75% goes toward an arts and cultural heritage fund for arts, arts education, arts access and to preserve Minnesota's history and cultural heritage.


WTIP, in conjunction with independent public radio stations across the state, is taking part in preserving Minnesota's history and cultural heritage, through programming features.  Debbie Benedict, WTIP’s Executive Director, says the funding “enables us to produce and distribute programming to present an overview of Minnesota's cultural legacy.”  WTIP’s funding will be used to create cultural programming including historical features, arts features, an Ojibwe language segment and a variety of cultural features.


The Legacy Amendment funding is enabling most of the 18 AMPERS stations to create their own programming.  All the programs produced with the Legacy Amendment funds will be made by and for local communities, and shared with AMPERS stations in order to educate and entertain people in other parts of the State. Together, these features will tell the legacy of Minnesota; its people, history and resources.  “This is a wonderful opportunity to be a part of an important project,” says Benedict.  WTIP is excited, pleased, and proud to help maintain and create the legacy that is Minnesota.



Programs, events and features receiving support from the Cultural Heritage Amendment:

Community Voices featured on North Shore Morning, North Shore Digest, and North Shore Weekend:
North Woods Naturalist
Behind The Work
Wildersmith on the Gunflint
Magnetic North
West End News
Gunflint Notebook
Of Woods and Words
Field Notes

Legacy funded features and programs
North Shore Weekend
Youth Radio Project
The Scenic Route
The Roadhouse
Lake Superior Project
Anishinaabe Way: Lives, Words and Stories of Ojibwe People
Local Music Project
Moments in Time
Artist Open House
History Speaks
North Shore Art Scene
Youth Radio Project
The Legacy of the Civilian Conservation Corp
Walking the Old Road- The Story of Chippewa City
Radio Waves Music Festival