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LSProject: A New Generation of Conservationists

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 If you tuned into the last edition of the Lake Superior Project, you heard the story of Rick Schubert. He has a cabin in Hovland, Minnesota, and volunteers his time helping to monitor and restore the health of Flute Reed River. When we originally went up to speak with him about the partnership, we were told that there would be a group of volunteers working on the river that weekend, planting trees in the river’s watershed to help prevent heavy sediment runoff into the river. What we didn’t know was that most of the volunteers were young people, ranging from their early teens to early twenties. They are part of a new non-profit called Northern Bedrock Conservation Corps. In this edition of the Lake Superior Project, producer Kelly Schoenfelder, joined by local filmmaker Patrick Knight, speak with two adults that help run Northern Bedrock about engaging young people in conservation work, and chat with some of the young volunteers about why they participate.