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LSProject: The Life Salvelinus

The Lake Superior Project / logo by Lauryl Loberg
The Lake Superior Project / logo by Lauryl Loberg

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The Grand Portage Native Fish Hatchery has been producing and rearing coaster brook trout, a native Lake Superior fish, since 2007. Their populations plummeted in the mid-1900s, and since the establishment of the hatchery, restoring coaster brook trout, or coasters, has been a top priority for Grand Portage biologists. And they've been successful, which is a rare thing in the grand scheme of issues facing Lake Superior. But the work isn't over, and there are many obstacles that biologists have to confront in their effort to restore coasters. In this edition of the Lake Superior Project, Grand Portage Trust Lands biologist Seth Moore and biologist Chad Abel of the Red Cliff Band of Lake Superior Chippewa, share some of the difficulties in restoring this native fish, the role that bands around the lake are taking in restoring native fish species, and the challenges of balancing priorities when it comes to maintaining the health of Lake Superior.