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Local Music Project

Cathy Quinn, Will Moore

The Local Music Project is a monthly, locally-produced feature highlighting the music and talents of local and visiting musicians. Support for this feature comes from the Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund.

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Chris Hoglund Interviews Minneapolis Hip-Hop Artist Dessa

Dessa with Outro FINAL-Mixdown.mp314.55 MB

Minneapolis based hip-hop artist Dessa wrapped up a nation-wide tour at Papa Charlie's in Lutsen on Jan. 14. Chris Hoglund had a chance to visit with Dessa backstage before her show. Chris is a Grand Marais native who is currently a senior at the Perpich Center for the Arts Education in Golden Valley.

Check out this sweet slideshow shot by Stephan Hoglund set to Dessa's "Mineshaft". 


Lutsen native Jacob Schmidt and his band, Gentleman Hall

LMP Jacob Schmidt FINAL.MP310.05 MB

Lutsen native Jacob Schmidt and his band “Gentleman Hall” performed in December at Papa Charlie’s in Lutsen. We’ll hear in interview with Jacob taped backstage just before the performance.


Keith Secola plays live in WTIP's Studio A / photo by Stephan Hoglund

Keith Secola

Secola Interview PART 1.mp38.55 MB
Secola Interview SONG 1.mp34.42 MB
Secola Interview PART 2.mp313.74 MB
Secola Interview SONG 2.mp36.49 MB
Secola Interview PART 3 (PARIS).mp317.78 MB
Secola Interview SONG 3 (FLUTE).mp32.59 MB
Secola Interview PART 4.mp36.62 MB
Secola Interview SONG 4.mp35.54 MB
Secola Interview PART 5.mp314.64 MB
Secola Interview SONG 5 (Ooh Highway).mp33.57 MB
Secola Interview PART 6.mp32.04 MB
Secola Interview SONG 6 (This Land).mp32.44 MB
Secola Interview PART 7.mp3846.6 KB
Secola Interview SONG 7 (NDN Kars).mp37.09 MB

Native folk and blues rocker Keith Secola is an accomplished artist: award-winning musician, master guitarist and native flute player; singer, songwriter, composer and producer. His music is familiar to thousands of fans across North America and Europe, where he's been playing his brand of progressive music in concerts to a cult following for many years. Keith's famous song, "NDN Kars", is considered the contemporary Native American anthem and is the most requested song on Native radio in the US and Canada. Keith Secola is Anishinabe (Ojibwa) originally from the Mesabi Iron Range country of northern Minnesota, now residing in Arizona. He's a member of the Anishinabe Nation of northern Minnesota and southern Ontario, Canada. Secola visited Grand Marais for a show on Nov. 12, 2011 and stopped by WTIP for an interview and live studio performance.


Keith Secola WTIP Interview - Images by stephan hoglund


Butch Deschampe on the Local Music Project

Finalcut_ButchD_Local_Music_Project_20110428.mp352.17 MB

Butch Deschampe is a lifelong resident of Cook County, playing and singing in a number of local bands over the years.  He's currently with the popular country band "Portage."   In this segment of WTIP's Local Music Project, Butch remembers sneaking into dances at the old log school in Grand Portage and listening to the Grand Ole Opry as a youngster. 

This edition of the Local Music Project was produced by Carah Thomas.


David Grinstead on the Local Music Project

LMP_Grinstead_Feb2011.mp354.9 MB

David Grinstead grew up in Edwardsville, Illinois, but has called Cook County home for many years. At age 13 he formed the Princetons. It was the first of many music collaborations David would embark on throughout his colorful life which also included a stint in the Iron Range country band The Outlaws in the 1970’s. The journey from Illinois to David’s current home in Grand Marais has been anything but dull. This edition of the Local Music Project tells the story of this talented but humble artist’s dynamic musical life story.

This edition of the Local Music Project was produced by Cathy Quinn.