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Idyllic atmosphere during WTIP's 6th annual Radio Waves Music Festival, September 6-8, 2013 (Carah Thomas)

WTIP regularly hosts live in-studio music. We feature local musicians, groups and bands as well as musicians and bands visiting the area.

What's On:
Michael Gulezian in Studio A

Michael Gulezian performs on The Roadhouse

Michael Gulezian brought his unique guitar styling to The Roadhouse for a live performance ahead of a gig at the Arrowhead Center for the Arts.  

You can learn more about Michael and his music here.


Easy Riders in Studio A. Staff photo.

Easy Riders make Roadhouse debut

Easy Riders are a group from Peoria, Illinois playing rock and blues.  They were in Cook County for a number of gigs over the weekend, including stopping by the WTIP studios to perform a set live on The Roadhouse. 

Easy Riders are:
Mike Miller - guitar, vocals
Aaron Miller - bass
Bob Kelly - drums, vocals


Colleen Myhre.  File photo

Colleen Myhre and Tony Peterson perform live on Roadhouse

Mahtowa musician Colleen Myhre joins Tony Peterson of The Social Animals for a performance on The Roadhouse.  Colleen also gives us a preview of her upcoming album.


Jon Kallberg in Studio A

Jon Kallberg joins The Roadhouse with a new guitar

Jon Kallberg stopped by The Roadhouse with a new guitar to play some of his music for us.  Jon also chatted with Dave about the various inspirations for his music and more.


Jim McGowan in Studio A

Jim McGowan shares some Irish songs

Jim McGowan stopped by the Roadhouse over St. Patrick's Day weekend.  He spoke with hosts Dave and Ann about what his plans for the weekend were, as well as play a few Irish songs for us.


Gordon Thorne in Studio A. WTIP archive photo.

Gordon Thorne talks Fingerstyle Masters Weekend coming in April

The 10th Fingerstyle Master Weekend will be held on Friday and Saturday, April 19 and 20 at Cascade Lodge.  The event features Phil Heywood, Randy Sabien, and Gordon Thorne.  

Friday night there will be pub session with Randy and Gordon.  On Saturday there are multiple guitar workshops, one at 10 am with Gordon, and one at 1 pm with Phil.  There will also be a fiddle workshop with Randy on Saturday.  Also on Saturday, there will be a concert at 7:30 pm.

Gordon Thorne stopped by the Roadhouse to chat with Ann and Dave about the upcoming weekend, and of course, play a few songs while in the studio.


Photo courtesy Billy Johnson Music

Minneapolis musician Billy Johnson rocks The Roadhouse

Minneapolis-based musician Billy Johnson made his Roadhouse debut this weekend in-between a number of gigs across the county.  You can learn more about Billy and his music here.


Eric Frost and friends. Submitted photo.

Eric Frost and friends play live on WTIP

Eric Frost and friends stopped by The Roadhouse before a recent gig at Wunderbar. Joining Eric was Travis Wickwire on bass, Jim Elverhoy on harmonica and Bill Hansen on dobro. They played a mix of original and cover tunes and chatted with host Dave about what they've all been up to recently.


Tony Haedt and Cindy Sue of Dram Shop Country in Studio A. Submitted photo.

Dram Shop brings country music to The Roadhouse

Dram Shop stopped by The Roadhouse to perform some country music for us.  The Dram Shop Duo consists of Tony Haedt (lead vocals, rhythm guitar, and harmonica) and Cindy Sue (lead vocals and tambourine).

You can learn more about the group here.



Russell DuFresne and Mark Soderlind. Submitted photo.

“A Very Petty Christmas" on The Roadhouse

Twin Cities musician Russell DuFresne was in town before the Christmas holiday to present A Very Petty Christmas, featuring the music of Tom Petty, at the Wunderbar in Grand Marais.  He joined The Roadhouse along with a special guest just before their gig to play a few songs and talk about how the show came to be.